IAPro for Inspections and Audits – Breakout

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IAPro for Inspections and Audits - Breakout

Session Overview:

David will demonstrate how to utilize IA Pro and BlueTeam to track and manage audits and inspections. He will show how this data can be used to demonstrate compliance with initiatives and track statistics for year-end reporting.

David Hargadon


David Hargadon retired as a sergeant from the Sacramento Police Department after 22 years as a law enforcement. David worked in Internal Affairs as an investigator and as a sergeant in charge of Professional Standards. During this time, David oversaw the installation of new software (IA Pro and BlueTeam) to track complaints, use of force, pursuits, and audits/inspections).

For the past 12 years, David has worked as a trainer for IA Pro/BlueTeam. He has trained well over 100 agencies and specializes in the organization and reporting of data collected by law enforcement agencies. David also teaches for DPREP, Inc, which provides law enforcement training for law enforcement professionals. He specialized in DUI checkpoint management, preliminary breath testing, and data narration.

Sun 12:39 AM - 12:00 AM
LEIAG Conference 2018 at GCU