Excel Sampling Workshop – Working Session

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Excel Sampling Workshop - Working Session

Working session, PC Laptop with a minimum of Excel 2010 required.

Session Overview:

This is a working session. If you would like to attend you will need to bring a PC (no Apples) with 2010 Microsoft Excel or newer software. Big data has become an integral part of our professional lives.  You can use Excel to organize, summarize, analyze, explore and present data in an easier and effective manner. Mayra will provide training on Excel Sampling and Stratified Sampling, Pivot Tables and Graphing so you can produce valuable insights with accumulated data for your agencies to help with audits and inspections.

Mayra Lopez, LEIAC, Administrative Analyst San Diego Sheriff Dept.


Mayra Lopez has worked for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department since 2006.  The Sheriff's Department has more than 4,000 employees and provides law enforcement services to the fifth-most populous county in the United States. 

Mayra is currently assigned to the Division of Inspectional Services as an Administrative Analyst. She performs statistical analysis on critical incidents that occur in Sheriff's patrol stations, substations, courthouses and detention facilities.  Data is shared on the public website to foster the agency's commitment of transparency with the public and the media. Reports provided guide the department in adjusting policy, procedures, training, and communication to foster a culture of accountability and improve the services the agency provides to the public.

Mayra holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice Studies, B.A. in Sociology and a Master's Degree in Business Management. She holds a Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Certificate (LEAIC) and is a member of the Law Enforcement Inspections and Auditing Group (LEIAG). She is a member of an active audit team that participates in performance reviews and compliance inspections throughout the department.

Contact Mayra at mayra.lopez@sdsheriff.org

Thu 11:34 AM - 12:00 AM
LEIAG Conference 2018 at GCU