DNA Sex Kit Testing

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DNA Sex Kit Testing

Session Overview:

The national effort to address the thousands of untested sexual assault kits, a history of the problem, what is currently happening, and what the future holds for this issue.

James Markey, Investigative Lead, LLC



Jim retired after 30-years with the Phoenix Police Department. As a Phoenix PD Detective Sergeant Jim led a multi-disciplinary team that investigated violent sexual crimes. He worked thousands of felony sexual assault investigations, with experience managing more than 80 serial rapists. As a part of this experience, he led several high profile/major cases and task forces, including, AM Rapist Taskforce, the Baseline Rapist/Killer, Southside Vacant House Rapist, Marcos/Coffelt Taskforce. 

Jim supervised a full-time Cold Case Sexual Assault Team in Phoenix. This team worked through a backlog of sexual assaults and evidence working 4000 rape cases. Jim has provided technical assistance and consultation to law enforcement and other agencies around the country.

He currently partners with federal, state, and local agencies. Including; IACP, Department of Justice: NIJ/OJP/BJA, National SANE-SART, NCVC, DOJ/OVC, DOJ/OVW, SWCLAP, The Joyful Heart Foundation, and the International Association of Forensic Nurses providing technical assistance, consulting, and training.

Contact Jim at markey.iltc@gmail.com

Tue 4:14 PM - 12:00 AM
LEIAG Conference 2018 at GCU