Constitutional Policing of Demonstrations

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Session Summary:
Gerald will focus on the constitutional policing of demonstrations with a focus on Free Speech. He will discuss Ferguson, as well as the last major demonstration in Phoenix and compare it to the most recent demonstration in Chicago. He will discuss the success of the 2006 Immigration Reformation Demonstration, which was the largest in Arizona history. No incidents and no arrests. He will share a strategy to work towards a peaceful demonstration with willing community leaders.


Gerald P. Richard II, Esq

Gerald P. Richard II, Esq

Gerald P. Richard II, Esq., currently is a member of the Department of Justice, Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) Collaborative Reform Initiative Team focusing on the Salinas, California police department. He is also a member of the Bureau of Justice Administration’s VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Training and Technical Assistance Program. He recently served on the IIR After-Action Assessment Team for Ferguson, Missouri.

He retired after serving as Assistant to the Chief of Police of the Phoenix, Arizona, Police Department. He was responsible for overseeing the Phoenix Police Training Academy and the Employment Services Bureau as well as department leadership development and training. He was also responsible for implementing recommendations submitted by the Community Engagement and Outreach Task Force and community advisory boards, overall police and community relations, and legislative issues. Previously, Mr. Richard served the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as a Special Policy Advisor for Law Enforcement.

His experience includes positive and proactive police/community development, negotiations, and resolutions; passive and large-scaled, highly charged controversial demonstrations; public safety and emergency management; local, regional, and federal planning; corporate communications; intra- and intergovernmental relations; grant oversight; community-oriented crime prevention and intervention services; and other core public services.

Gerald is an experienced litigator, arbitrator, and legal advisor for local, state, federal, community, and faith-based organizations. He has extensive experience serving as adjunct faculty/guest lecturer. He is a member or past member of numerous professional associations, boards, and commissions. He is the pastor of Murph Community A.M.E. Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact Gerald at